The road to admission!

Follow these simple directions for the quickest route to ‘you’ve been accepted’. Let’s make the admissions process a pleasant ride.

Pick your field of study. Choose your Future.

Explore the array of program offerings in each of the 11 member institutions (see the overview of PROGRAMS) Certain fields of study offer CO-OP opportunities allowing you to alternate between work and studies.
Make sure you know the level of schooling required for the country where you studied. Familiarize yourself with language requirements (your chosen institution may demand language proficiency test scores if it deems necessary, regardless of whether you studied in a country where French is an official language). Note the deadlines for admission applications. Whatever they may be, you are encouraged to submit your application as early as possible.

Apply yourself to your studies.

You can submit your application either through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), or The Ontario College Application Service (OCAS), or by filling out the online form of your chosen institution. Application fees are nonrefundable. Be sure to enter your email address correctly and to check your electronic mailbox on a regular basis. A receipt confirmation will reach you within two weeks after you submitted your application.
Collect all the documents needed for your admission application (see the application package) and send them by mail or attach them to the online form. You must send the official copies to the institution’s admissions office so that they will arrive before the deadline. At the time of your application, you may be in the process of completing a program of study and be unable to provide your final marks. In this case, include your marks for the previous year, as well as for the semester you just finished. Later in the year, you can forward your final transcript as soon as you receive it.
Track your application by regularly checking your email. By doing so, you will know whether you need to send additional documents for the consideration of your file. Please note that compliance with all requirements does not guarantee admission.

Accept your offer. Embrace Ontario.

It can take several weeks to process your file. Wait times may vary according to the program selected and the quality of the application. If you receive an offer of admission, confirm your acceptance either online or by returning the signed document by mail.
Anyone who wishes to study in Canada and is neither a permanent resident nor a citizen of our country must obtain a study permit before arriving. Submit your application as soon as you receive your acceptance letter. The time required to obtain a study permit varies according to country of origin. It generally takes about two months. However, in certain countries, the wait can be as long as six months. All applications must be filled out online on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada website. If your application is approved, you will receive a letter of introduction, which is not your study permit. Upon arriving in Canada, you must present the letter to a Canadian immigration officer at your point of entry (likely an international airport). The officer will determine whether you may enter the country and how long you may stay. You will then be issued your study permit. You will have to leave Canada at the set date or apply for an extension to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

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