When it comes to studying in Ontario, don’t take our word for it, take these students’ word instead.

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Avantage Ontario is a consortium that assists with the recruitment of students from abroad and with the worldwide promotion of nine universities and two colleges of applied arts and technology (CAAT) (postsecondary technology institutes) in Ontario, which distinguish themselves by offering programs in French, or in both French and English.

Come immerse yourself in a truly bilingual and amazingly diverse setting.

Our Members

Why Ontario

Academic Excellence

You’ll enjoy the excellence of our programs and institutions, as well as the exceptional quality of life, on a journey marked by discovery, bilingualism, and recognition.

Bilingual Career Opportunities

Study in French, live bilingually. Grow, learn, and prepare yourself for the next phase of your personal and professional journey.

Safe and Diverse Environment

Ontario is a safe place where you can focus on what matters most: your future! This province is welcoming, diverse, and provides a wholesome atmosphere that will leave you feeling confident about where you study.

Affordable Education

Members of our consortium benefit from a world-class education with low tuition fees! You’ll enjoy a reasonable cost of living. Generous scholarships. Part-time work opportunities during school. The list goes on!


Avantage Ontario is a consortium comprised of:

  • Six French-English bilingual universities
  • Two French-language universities
  • One French-language centre integrated in an English-language university
  • Two French-language colleges of applied arts and technology
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Explore the array of fields of study in each of the 11 member institutions. (see the fields of study). Certain fields of study offer CO-OP opportunities allowing you to alternate between work and studies.

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There is nature everywhere. We see animals passing through the city. Olivia Baudet
Being in an environment where you study in French and you manage your daily life in English, for me that is an advantage. Jean-Jacques Fouda
I visited the Parliament and the Prime Minister even said hello to me! Mohamed Fares Dhaouadi
The people here are nice. They smile all the time. It’s super nice. Anne Kasongo
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